ND Testing, Inc.’s radiographic testing and inspection laboratory has the latest technologies to provide radiographic testing for the Aerospace, Energy, and Power Generation Sectors. Our global experts advise on the most suitable testing methods to make certain your materials and products are fit for purpose. 

What is radiographic testing?

Radiographic testing (RT) is one of the most popular non-destructive testing methods used to detect defects in a wide range of products. It uses x-rays or gamma rays to identify flaws in weld quality, castings, structures, and composites. It is used predominantly in the fabricating and casting industries for quality control, where it reveals faults such as porosity, inclusions, and cracks.

Radiographic inspection uses an isotope or an x-ray tube to create an image. Volumetric inspection detects defects which are not open to the surface, and which may not otherwise be detectable. 

Radiographic inspection methods

Our industry leading radiographic testing and inspection expertise encompass a spectrum of both x-Ray and Isotope inspection to meet your needs.

Traditional Radiography

Our team at ND Testing, Inc. holds certifications in line with ASNT-TC-1A and NAS 410 standards. With Level II and Level III technicians, we execute conventional film radiography, a portable methodology proficient in unveiling even the most minute cracks within metallic and no metalic materials through meticulous examination. 

Advantages of radiographic testing

The advantages of using radiography inspection as your chosen non-destructive testing method.

  • Ability to inspect assembled components
  • Requires minimum surface preparation
  • Detects both subsurface and surface defects
  • Provides a permanent film record of testing
  • Verifies internal flaws in complex structures
  • Conducted by highly trained, certified experts

The ND Testing, Inc. advantage

Whether you require on-site field services or in-lab RT laboratory analysis, our global platform of experts and resources delivers the certainty your radiographic inspection projects require.

To learn more about our radiographic testing and inspection services or to request a quote, contact us today.