About Us

NDT provides the quality, reliability and integrity demanded by industries that rely on nondestructive examination methods.

Since 2001, NDT has hired only the most qualified and experienced multi-discipline technicians and personnel. Our teams use the latest equipment and technology to process evaluations quickly and get results and parts back to clients as soon as possible.



ND Testing provides certified NDT inspectors that are trained, experienced and documented in their respective fields. We have a culture of improving our abilities and processes to provide you with fast turn around and competitive pricing.

At NDT, we’re committed to helping you meet project deadlines. We provide the results you need in a day or two, not a week or two.


Because we care about our customers, the NDT team is committed to meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations, requirements and needs.

NDT maintains high standards and continually improves our techniques and technology. We strive for the highest level of confidence in the parts we test and the results we provide.

Nondestructive testing (NDT), also called nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and nondestructive inspection (NDI) is testing that does not destroy the test object.

NDT is vital for constructing and maintaining industrial components and structures. Tests like X-ray and ultrasound are available to detect defects like cracking and corrosion.

Many industrial components need regular nondestructive tests to detect damage that may be difficult or expensive to find by everyday methods. For example:

  • testing aircraft skins for cracks
  • checking underground pipelines for corrosion and stress corrosion cracking
  • testing pipes in industrial plants for erosion and corrosion
  • looking for corrosion in the inner reinforcing steel of concrete structures
  • checking for weld cracks in pressure vessels
  • testing for broken wires and other damage in suspension bridges