Boeing Approvals

BAC 5424 Magnetic Particle Inspection
BSS 7040 Magnetic Particle Inspection
ASTM-E-1444 Magnetic Particle Inspection
MIL-STD-1949 Magnetic Particle Inspection
MIL-I-6868 Magnetic Particle Inspection
BAC 5423 Penetrant Inspection
BSS 7039 Liquid Penetrant Inspection
ASTM-E-1417 Penetrant Inspection
MIL-STD-6866 Penetrant Inspection
ASTM-E-1742 Standard Practice for Radiographic Inspection
BSS 7041 Radiologic Inspection/Radiography (film)
BAC 5439 Ultrasonic Inspection – Longitudinal Wave
BSS 7052 Ultrasonic Inspection/Longitudinal
BSS 7052 Ultrasonic Inspection/Shear Wave
BSS 7055 Ultrasonic Inspection/Plate – Flat
BSS 7055 Ultrasonic Inspection/Round – Shapes
BAC 5439-2 Ultrasonic Inspection of Tubing
AMS 2631 Ultrasonic Inspection Titanium and Titanium Alloy Bar, Billet and Plate
AMS-STD-2154 Ultrasonic Inspection of Flat Surface Shapes
AMS-STD-2154 Ultrasonic Inspection of Rounds and Shapes
NAS 410 NDI Personnel Certification Level 3 Magnetic
NAS 410 NDI Personnel Certification Level 3 Penetrant
NAS 410 NDI Personnel Certification Level 3 Radiographic
NAS 410 NDI Personnel Certification Level 3 Ultrasonic
DPS4.704 Magnetic Particle Inspection
DPS4.707 Penetrant Inspection
DPS4.713 Ultrasonic Inspection – Wrought Metals
PS21201 Magnetic Particle Inspection
PS21202 Penetrant Inspection – Aluminum
PS21202 Penetrant Inspection – Copper
PS21202 Penetrant Inspection – Low Alloy Steels
PS21202 Penetrant Inspection – Magnesium
PS21202 Penetrant Inspection – Stainless Steels
PS21202 Penetrant Inspection – Titanium
PS21211 Ultrasonic Inspection